The young dreaming big achieve

Omer Menekse

The two achieved graduates of Yaşar University Vocational School’s Foreign Trade Program worked hard to proceed on their way to achieving their goals.

Ömer Menekşe, who has graduated as the top scoring student this year, was granted Fulbright Commission Vocational School Scholarship to study one academic year in the USA.

Graduating ranking first in the program in 2016, Kaan Mert first proceeded with his undergraduate study and subsequently earned his master’s degree from Utrecht University in the Netherlands where he studied with scholarship.


Consciously preferring to study at Yaşar University’s Foreign Trade Program as the highest ranking student and graduating from the program again as the highest scoring student, Ömer Menekşe said, “I accidently learnt about Fulbright scholarship through a friend of mine who realized that I could speak English. Then I started making a research about the scholarship program and applied for it with the great support of my professors. After the interview, I was informed that I was listed among the grantees of the scholarship. This was the first step of my childhood dream coming true. I will study in the US. I was actually going to enter the States in July but, because of the coronavirus pandemic, I am waiting for January 2021 to go there.”


Graduating from Yaşar University’s Foreign Trade Program as the highest scoring student in 2016, Kaan Mert shared that he furthered his studies to improve his professional skills in finance.

Kaan Mert
Niki Terpstra-Kaan Mert

Kaan Mert noted, “Following my undergraduate study, I was granted scholarship by the Utrecht University in the Netherlands and earned my master’s degree there. I preferred the Netherlands as I was ambitious about bikes. I even took the bike I was awarded in a competition with me and got the chance to personally thank Niki Terpstra who awarded the bike to me. My greatest desire is to be of use for the world. I want to focus on one of the biggest problems that we face across the world today, which is traditional energy production and consumption. I want to obtain any experience that will help me contribute to the solution of this problem. Artificial intelligence is also another field that I am interested in. I want to combine my knowledge in finance and artificial intelligence. My only recommendation for those desiring to proceed with undergraduate studies after earning their associate degree is that they never give up on their dreams. Everything you want to do in life is possible so long as you keep going after them.”