Significant step for li-fi technology

Assoc. Prof. Volkan Rodoplu, scholar at Yaşar University,

Assoc. Prof. Volkan Rodoplu, scholar at Yaşar University, undertook a significant project together with his students to extend ‘Visible Light Communication’ systems that allow one-thousand times faster data transfer than the Wi-Fi systems currently in use.   According to Assoc. Prof. Rodoplu, the biggest handicap preventing expansion of the Li-Fi system are humans that might prevent light while working in their homes and offices. Rodoplu therefore developed “life simulation” to eliminate the interruptions in the system and his work has been published in the world-famous science journal IEEE Access.

“Li-Fi means communication through light. In Li-Fi technology, light delivered from LEDs vibrates at a frequency that is invisible to human eye and allows data transfer. This technology facilitates 1000-times faster communication compared to the Wi-Fi technology that uses radio waves. To give an example, imagine that you are sitting in front of your laptop. The video you are playing will be delivered not through Wi-Fi but directly through the LEDs installed in your room. This system facilitates a one-thousand-times faster data transfer compared to Wi-Fi. However, it still has a disadvantage, which is that data transfer is interrupted when you stand between the LEDs and the computer. This is the main reason why the Li-Fi technology has not been widely used at homes and offices although it has been known for the last decade,” said Assoc. Prof. Volkan Rodoplu.


Having earned his undergraduate degree at Princeton University and his master’s and doctoral degrees at Stanford University, Assoc. Prof. Volkan Rodoplu also holds TUBITAK Excellence Prize and US National Science Foundation CAREER Award and has been an academic member of Yaşar University since 2017 following his years of academic studies in the States.   Supported as part of TUBITAK 2209-B Industry Oriented Undergraduate Graduation Thesis Support, the project that is being executed by Assoc. Prof. Rodoplu and his team also incorporates a design of Li-Fi receiver-transmitter equipment.


This system is expected to introduce the following advantages in coming year:

– Making data transfer at homes and offices one-thousand times faster than Wi-Fi,

– Secure data transfer since walls are light proof,

– Energy efficiency since the same light will be used both for lightening and communication,

– Free of radiation exposure that is harmful for humans in radio frequency since it uses only light