Supervising Singapore Branch of the leading automobile firm Delphi

One of the first graduates of Yaşar University Department of Business Administration, Mehmet Külahcı started his professional life in İzmir in 2008 and is now the South Asia Regional Director of the leading automobile firm Delphi Technologies in Singapore. The achieved director who now manages 16 countries in Singapore offered guidance for the young.

Having lived in various cities in Turkey as a child because of his father’s profession, Mehmet Külahcı told the story of his successful professional journey that started in İzmir and then extended to England and ended up in Singapore. Admitted to Yaşar University Department of Business Administration with full scholarship in 2003 and earning his degree in 2008, Külahcı noted, “The biggest gain of my years as an undergraduate student has been to develop ‘an international vision’. The language school I attended in Malta after the prep-school, the European Union Project I was engaged on at Rome University as a member of the Committee of Yaşar University, and most importantly, my studies at the Belgium Leuven University as an Erasmus Exchange Student have all contributed to this international vision.”


Külahcı started his journey together with his wife in İzmir and then moved to England where they enjoyed living, and now, they have been living in Singapore with great excitement since 2017. Külahcı said, “The intensive work schedule in England had to end so I could work in Asia, which was another dream that I had. I moved to Singapore as the South Eastern Asia Director to establish our sales and marketing office to serve eleven countries. Over the last three years, we have been creating our team while also establishing our customer and supply chains in a way that allows sustainable growth. After adding India and the neighboring countries to our customer portfolio in 2020, we have now a total number of sixteen countries that we are managing.”


Offering recommendations for the young based on his own experiences, Külahcı said:

“The sine qua non of professional life is to master full knowledge of the work that I am doing and to work consciously knowing that my work represents myself while also improving the existing situation and keeping my efforts to be more efficient. I would really like to tell those who have just started their professional life to be engaged only in the job that they love, but to be frank, this would be an unrealistic recommendation. My recommendation would be that they love and embrace their job and make it charming instead of seeking the job that they love. Dreaming is a priceless treasure that we all have. We should of course have dreams, but to find happiness and success, we should discover a retrospective path extending from our dream future and reaching out to today so we construct a path that takes us to our dreams instead of waiting for them to guide us.”