Living for dreams brings success

Having graduated from Yaşar University Department of Psychology as the top scoring student and earned her master’s degree in psychology, Müge Çavdan continues to achieve more.  Integrating “Perception” into her graduate studies along with Cognitive Psychology that she was interested in during her undergraduate studies, Çavdan was admitted by Giessen Justus Liebig University in Germany for her doctoral studies. Continuing her doctoral studies on tactile and visual perception, Müge Çavdan’s first work was deemed worthy of “the best student paper” at the 2019 World Haptics Conference in Tokio, Japan.

Having earned her degree in psychology in 2016 at Yaşar University where she studied with full scholarship and graduated as the highest scoring student, Müge Çavdan continues her studies to achieve her dreams and goals. Çavdan has assisted various projects and earned her master’s degree also in the field of psychology and now been admitted to the doctoral degree program of one of the oldest German education institutions i.e. the over-four-hundred-years-old Giessen Justus Liebig University, which she really loved during her visit as an Erasmus placement student during her master’s degree studies.

“My doctoral degree project uses psychophysical and brain imaging methods to investigate tactile and visual perception of softness. The project will continue for three years and is being supported by HORIZON 2020, one of the most prestigious funds of Europe. I am an early-stage researcher within this project. I have two advisors and one of my advisors is specialized in tactile perception while the other is specialized in visual perception and brain imaging methods. As a PhD candidate, you conduct experiments and attend conferences, as well as present papers and publish your study findings. Actually, to sum up, you are being trained exactly as a researcher. You can also have your interns or thesis advisees. I have even had an intern from Yaşar University Department of Psychology,” said Çavdan.


Sharing that the conference paper of her first study that she submitted to the 2019 World Haptics Conference in Tokio was admitted, Müge Çavdan continued saying, “My paper is among the eleven papers that have been nominated as the best paper among all the other papers admitted. In addition to this conference, I have also attended other conferences that took place in various countries including Turkey, Germany, England, and Belgium. I have been engaged not only in academic stuff but also in travelling to a number of over twenty countries as a travel enthusiast.”