A thalassophile’s ambitious success

Erman Eroglu

Graduating from Yaşar University Marina and Yacht Management Program in 2017, Erman Eroğlu has been continuing his career successfully with the boat maintenance company he founded in London.

Noting that he had taken a significant step for his career by completing his internship at Port Adriano in Palma de Mallorca, Spain as a freshman at the Marina and Yacht Management Program, Eroğlu said, “Doing internship abroad helps build self-confidence. You can test yourself better when you are alone. My idea of founding a company abroad has therefore its roots in my time in Spain. I moved to England almost two years ago. I founded the boat maintenance company  Alesta Yacht Service in London. I started working on the coastal city of Southampton as my target market. Among the services we provide are boat consultancy, boat transfer, online marketing, race preparations, and various maintenance services. The company worked more intensely during the pandemic as boats were considered a means of isolation”


Offering recommendations for the young interested in making a maritime career, Eroğlu said, “I recommend that maritime majors learn more about marinas and experience their setting at first-hand. We encounter opportunities but what really matters is that we use them. I have met many seafarers during the events held at my university and kept in contact with them. I was unaware of the vastness of working areas in Marina and Yacht Management Program.  This field is so vast that the sector and its market cannot be limited. The scale of different options includes franchising, yacht manufacturing, and captain positions within tourism companies. They should be highly careful and meticulous in observing sectoral needs and train themselves accordingly”