The great success extending from İzmir to Mexico

Having graduated from Yaşar University Department of Interior Architecture in 2009, Can Akay has been working as lead interior designer at IKEA Mexico. Stating that he has been working in lead and training positions within an international furniture firm, Can Akay told the story of how he ended up in Mexico and achieved his goals.

Akay attended a training program at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Porto, Portugal as an Erasmus exchange grantee during his undergraduate studies at Yaşar University and firmed up his administrative skills with international training programs after earning his degree.

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To sum up, Akay worked as an interior architect for 3.5 years, as a lead interior architect for 3.5 years, as an administrative interior architect for Turkey for 2 years and is now the nationwide administrator of IKEA Mexico to organize the company’s operations. “I want to contribute to the process of founding further organizations. I have been working in leading and training positions within this brand. I keep learning every day and recommend the same for everyone. The most important thing that I have learnt is that everyone is responsible for his or her own improvement. That’s what I recommend for the newly graduates. I have always had goals. I have always planned my next step further and succeeded or failed at times or my plans did not work out the way I planned. There is no difference between working in the same position for twenty years and getting promotions. Both options have the potential to yield excellent career stories.  The most important thing is that we enjoy working,” said Akay.