Prof. Hepbaşlı listed among the world’s most influential scientists

An academic member of Yaşar University Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı has been listed among the most influential scientists of the world that included 195 scientists from Turkey and ranked first in the Aegean Region and ninth in Turkey. Prof. Hepbaşlı, who is also a Full Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences, ranked first in the field of energy in Turkey.

A team of US and Dutch scientists announced the list of the world’s most influential scientists where the scientists are ranked by a number of composite indicators including number of publications, citation count, author rank, number of authors, self-citation rate, and scientific impact.

The study that lists the world’s most influential 100.000 scientists in 22 departments and 176 sub-departments was coordinated by Stanford University and published in the scientific journal of Plos Biology.

The study was conducted on an approximate number of seven million researchers with at least five publications between the years 1996-2017 and selected the most influential 100.000 scientists. Lecturer at Yaşar University Faculty of Engineering Department of Energy Systems, Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı was ranked 10.251st in the overall list, 9th among a total number of 195 Turkish scientist listed in Turkey, and 1st in the Aegean Region and the field of energy.

Prof. Hepbaşlı noted that publications and citations bear greater importance in the science world and expressed that he is proud to have been listed in the upper ranks of this list.