The Only Researcher from Turkey

Academic Member of Yaşar University Department of International Relations and Director of the European Union Research Center, Assoc. Prof. Gökay Özerim has become the one researcher from Turkey selected for the Pool of European Youth Researchers, a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

The Pool of European Youth Researchers consists of nearly 30 researchers from different European countries and is a platform providing significant inputs that mainly concern youth strategies and policies.

“The group of researchers selected under the coordination of the Council of Europe and the European Commission are collaborating to produce projects and policy proposals in a wide range of areas connected to youth including education, employment, rights, representation, sustainability, gender equality, etc. To go beyond the discourse that sports the youth as the future of countries, I believe in the importance of actual multidisciplinary actions taken to recognize youth rights that treat each of member of the young population as individuals, to create opportunities for them, and to eliminate inequalities. The Pool of European Youth Researchers has been a highly important international platform that contributed to the field of youth with the studies conducted by numerous esteemed researchers under its roof for many years,” said Assoc. Prof. Özerim.

Assoc. Prof.   Özerim has many national and international papers and projects on international migration, young refugees, integration and adaptation, dynamics of the young population in Europe and the Middle East.