The dog bowl taking its designer to Italy

Miray Özlem Er, a graduate of Yaşar University’s Department of Industrial Design, was admitted by the Domus Academy, one of the world’s best design schools, in Italy, after winning 3 national and international awards for her dog bowl design inspired by the problem her cousin had while walking her dog.

Er was also granted the Foreign Education Scholarship of the Ministry of Commerce for her award-winning dog bowl design. Miray Er currently continues her master’s degree studies at the world-famous design school Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, where she was also offered a scholarship.


To talk about the design that won her awards and even grant her a scholarship in Italy, Miray Özlem Er said, “We were spending a lot of time outside with my cousin’s dog Mocha. It was a problem for my cousin to carry and serve the food and water in separate containers during their walks. I was always trying to find a solution for this problem. Finally, I developed a design that allows dog owners to carry the pet food and water together while walking their dogs and to conveniently feed them as the bowl can transformation into a container as well.”