Books across the globe on KitUP     

An application where the world’s most outstanding and popular books have been made available with their 15-minute-long summaries, KitUP has achieved to gain over one million subscriptions. The application has attained an ostentatious position among its global opponents and now offers services in Turkish, English and Russian, which will soon be extended with 5 to 6 more language options.

Developed by Research Assistants Murat Ödemiş, Anıl Koman, Emre Güney from Yaşar University Department of Computer Engineering and Furkan Erkorkmaz, a graduate of Yaşar University Department of Software Engineering, the KitUP application allows its users to read or listen to the highlights of hundreds of globally acclaimed non-fictional books in only 15 minutes.

The application has been a fast and accessible source of information for its users and helped over one million individuals read and learn about books since 2018. Offering services currently in Turkish, English and Russian, the application has books with a variety of contents including health, sports, nutrition, science, psychology, biography, history, technology and administration. It has also gained a great popularity both in Turkey and abroad.


There are hundreds of books summarized in the application and at least twenty new titles are added on the application each month. Moreover, the application allows its users to “listen to audios, use offline, take notes, highlight and save anecdotes, read during night and day with comfort”. Podcasts are, on the other hand, the new contents that have just been made available on KitUP. Users can download the application on App Store and Google Play or access it on to try the application for free.