International award for the young designer

 A senior at Yaşar University Department of Industrial Design, Miray Özlem Er has been awarded for her design of food and water bowl that she was inspired by her cousin’s dog at the International Design Awards (IDA), one of the most prestigious awards worldwide.


Having created her design as  part of the Design Competition Projects course administered by Lecturer (PhD) Ezgi Ozan Avcı from the Department of Industrial Design, Özlem Er gave insight about the design inspired by the problem that her cousin experienced while walking her dog. Miraz Özlem Er, having been awarded previously by another national competition, expressed her pleasure to be deemed worthy of another award by an international and highly prestigious competition. “We spent a lot of time together with my cousin’s dog Mocha to walk her. I saw the problems that they were facing outside, and tried to develop solutions for them. I was also observing the problems experienced by other pet-owners around me. Then I created a design that allows pet-owners to carry pet food and water and to feed their pets with one single container while having their walk together. I am really happy to get so lucky that I have been able to introduce a solution for the problems of pet owners.”