Internet changed our shopping habits
24 July 2017Share

Internet changed our shopping habits

 Göker Gülay, Faculty Member at Yaşar University’s Faculty of Communication, stated that excessive use of internet has resulted in deep changes on shopping habits, and that most people has now started to consult social media while shopping. According to Gülay, these products may include technological products, and -even- bread.

 “Consumers used to consult with friends or the comments on magazines before deciding what to buy when internet was not accessible. Today, they actively use online information resources, and particularly social media. More importantly, they use social media as a platform where they can share their opinions about the products they bought, and express whether they liked that product or not,” noted the Faculty Member Göker Gülay, who did his doctoral studies on how consumers’ attitudes have transformed with the internet and social media.


Noting that the studies reveal the majority of consumers do some research on social media before purchasing a product, Gülay also stated, “This is because the things written on social media are recognized as a reflection of the common opinions embraced within the society.  Especially, the vast majority of young generation count on social media while making shopping decisions. Since the internet stand as a platform where consumers can compare prices, report their complaints, and do shopping the best way suited to their needs, there is an increased chance for consumers to refer to the reviews on social media while shopping. We don’t do anything without consulting social media.”


 Göker Gülay also shared the results from the research that he carried out analyzing the consumer electronics sector by using a specially-developed model to see how internet users use social media while making buying decisions. The results from Gülay’s research indicate:

“The total number of the participants is 262, and 51% of these participants is male while 49% is female. With an age range between 18 and 60, 70% of these people have a university degree. Only half of the participants think that social media is something fun and entertaining for us. Despite this conviction, there are high levels of social media usage among all of the participants. 97% of them think that accessing the information that they need before buying a particular product is easier via social media. As for electronic products, 95% of these participants use social media to seek information about the brands and products they are interested in before purchasing them. 93% think that social media is useful for consumers to get information about electronic products before making a buying decision. 90,5% of the participants note that the content of consumer electronics on social media decreases the risk of making a wrong buying decision. 92% of them find the social media content posted by the manufacturer is influential on their choices. This case indicates that consumers are more inclined to prefer the brands that produce useful content about their products.”