23 July 2018 Share


  Assoc. Prof. Özlem Aşman Alikılıç, academic at Yaşar University’s Faculty of Communication, and Asuman Özer – a graduate student – conducted a study on how romance in Y-generation is affected by social media.   To share results from the study that surveyed 400 individuals,  Assoc. Prof. Alikılıç said, “The study concludes that social media is an extremely important factor in romantic relationships, that couples might act on jealousy on social media, and that they thus monitor their partners on social media.”

  Noting that Y generation is known as the social media generation, Assoc. Prof. Alikılıç also said, “In today’s world where technology has become an addiction, the Y generation is influenced by social media to a greater extent than we think, considering that this generation is the one that is using information technologies more actively than any other previous generations. Social media is extremely influential on Y generation in managing their romantic relationships. As social media use gets wider, couples tend to live their relationships by revealing too much of their relationships on social media where everyone can see it. Couples have integrated social media into their daily life, and they are using it not just to announce or express their relationships but also to monitor and check on their partners.” Results from the study confirms these findings, according to Alikılıç, who also noted that the study concludes that the most common behaviors exhibited by couples toward each other on social media is jealousy and monitoring.

“According to the results from the surveys, majority of the surveyed individuals answered ‘strongly agree’ and ‘agree’ to the ‘I get jealous of my partner on social media’, ‘I check my spouse’s/partner’s social media accounts regularly’ expressions. The behaviors observed to be exhibited by couples include intervening into the pictures posted by their partner against their consent, requesting their partner to use private accounts and to unfollow the users that they don’t want them to follow on social media. Furthermore, compared to men, women have been observed to be more inclined to get jealous and monitor their partners on social media.”


 The biggest anticipation of the Y generation individuals is a picture of couples together posted by their partners, which accounts for 59.1%. It is followed by “Unfollow users that I do not want my partner to follow on social media” with a percentage of 38.9%, “Delete photos that I do not want” with 36.9%, and “Use private account” with 35.6%.

 The most common behavior that the Y-generation couples do not want their significant other to exhibit on social media is “Remain friends with his/her exes on social media”. 66.9% of the participants – a significant majority of them – rejects this type of behavior.