15 January 2018 Share


According to a study conducted by Yaşar University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, healthcare staff want healthy designs for their working environment.

Scholars from the Faculty of Architecture’s Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design carried out a scientific research project to make suggestions on how to facilitate quality working and resting areas for healthcare staff to ease the burden of long working hours and intensive work tempo.

Conducted in collaboration with the state hospitals in Urla, Çeşme and Tire, as well as with Tepecik Training and Research Hospital’s branch in Bornova, and supported by Yaşar University as a Scientific Research Project, the study asked 176 health professionals, including 49 physicians and 127 nurses, to respond to a survey. Researchers also held in-depth interviews with 20 other members of healthcare staff. In the light of the data obtained during the project, to make suggestions on designs of healthcare spaces, a booklet of guidelines was created for future designs. Among the outputs of the research were also a public web page and a movie where hospital staff expressed their expectations of the working and resting areas at hospitals.  Results from the study were shared at the 7th International Architecture Symposium in Athens, Greece.


   Project Coordinator Asst. Prof. Çiğdem Çetin, scholar at the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, noted that well-designed interior spaces for hospitals have positive and curative effects on healthcare staff and patients, and that their intention was to carry out a comprehensive research to approach this issue. Çetin also added that the evidence-based and user-oriented design principles set in accordance with the research data will be useful for future designs of citywide and nationwide hospitals’ interior spaces, thereby being of benefit to the society too.


       In addition to Project Coordinator Asst. Prof. Çiğdem Çetin, among the project researchers were Assoc. Prof. Zeynep Tuna Ultav, Head of the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental, and Assoc. Prof. Gülnur Ballice. Consulted by many other scholars as well, the research was also supported by students who contributed to the project with their own work.   “This project is not the only one studying this issue. There are various other projects previously run by the Healthcare Buildings Research Group that Yaşar University assembled in 2015 under the leadership of Prof. Sevil Sarıyıldız. Since then, similar studies have been carried out by this group of researchers within the Faculty of Architecture to determine the physical, social and psychological problems that healthcare staff face due to unsuitable designs of the hospitals in Turkey, and to offer solutions to improve user satisfaction in these buildings,” said Çetin.