9 January 2017Share


Holding numerous global and national championships in Turkey and the Balkans as well as ranking second in Europe, the national triathlete İpek Öztosun, who is also a student at Yaşar University, was mentioned with her achievements in the final exam of the “Math Olympics Questions Solution Techniques” course.

Ranked among the 16 gold athletes supported by the Turkish National Committee of Olympics, İpek Öztosun is admired thanks to her achievements both in sports and in academy. Admitted to the Department of Mathematics at Yaşar University with full scholarship as the highest-scoring student, Öztosun has been successfully studying since then.   Having proved with her medals and international championships that sports is not a barrier but a means of support for academic success, Öztosun’s achievements were mentioned in a question asked by Prof. Dr. Rafail Alizade, Team Trainer of Turkish Math Olympics, during the final exam of the course he administers.


Administering the Math Olympics Questions Solution Techniques course within the Department of Mathematics at Yaşar University, Alizade honored his student İpek while also motivating the course’s other students by mentioning İpek’s achievements in the final exam question. Alizade prepared a question on Invariant Theory mentioning the medals and achievements won by Öztosun in 2016 as well as making use of the news about them. “I was surprised when I first saw the question, and then I felt happy when I realized that my achievements are being followed and admired both by my university and my teachers,” said Öztosun after seeing that the question of the highest point value was about her success.


Expressing that sportive discipline has been a means of supporting her academic life, Öztosun continued saying, “I live my days in a relatively more organized way compared to my friends. I get up at 5 in the morning and work out by swimming, cycling and running. I also keep working out after school. I spend 1 to 2 fewer hours in my social life compared to my friends; however, I compensate for it with the happiness I feel for the medals I win.”   Stating that being the first athlete representing Turkey at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in a triathlon is among her most important objectives, Öztosun continued saying, “Sports will always be a part of my life. However, I also aim at being an academic who is at least as qualified as my professor Prof. Dr. Rafail Alizade and being a Team Trainer at the Turkish Math Olympics.”