Cinema Therapy for People with Autism
17 July 2017Share

Cinema Therapy for People with Autism

As part of the “Cinema Therapy Project” jointly carried out by Yaşar University and İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education, students with autism shot a short film of the script that they wrote themselves.

Five students with autism from the School of Special and Vocational Training Center in Güzelbahçe shot a short film after the two-month training administered at the Department of Film Design within Yaşar University’s Faculty of Art and Design.

Noting that the project is an unprecedented example of cinema therapy since it has been applied for individuals with autism for the first time, Kerem Kaban also said:

“We have selected five students; and these five students received training in script-writing, equipment use, and in many other topics for two months. While monitoring the processes of filmmaking, we intended to make sure that the film is being shot through exchange of experiences, and with a sense of in-group harmony and teamwork. We wanted to make sure that the students explore how this harmony functions, and improve their forms of vision. Additionally, our main goal in cinema therapy is to make sure that these young people get cognitive and behavioral benefits from these practices. We are greatly happy to see the excitement on their faces while improving their skills, and how successful they have become during this process.”

Expressing that students Alper Düz, Engin Durmaz, Erbey Konakçı, Deniz Çelik and Emre Çetinkaya partook in this process, the Principal Mesut Akkaş also said, “At first glance, filmmaking does not seem like something which can be achieved by our students. However, we have seen that this isn’t actually true. They proved what they can accomplish with the right education and training administered. It is a great happiness for us all to see our children writing a script and making a film out of it. Our teachers’ efforts plus the ability of our children to adapt themselves to the process resulted in a great project. Our children feel more self-confident now, and they have realized that they can actually achieve lots of things if they see things from a wider perspective.”