On podium for our furiends
29 April 2018 Share

On podium for our furiends


Yaşar University Animal Protection Community organized an event motivated by the slogan ‘lend a hand to stray animals’. Organizing a fashion parade to raise awareness of the human’s best friends, students intended to draw attention to violation of animal rights, a common problem in Turkey.

During the event held on the Selçuk Yaşar Campus, an interview was held with Founder of HİPDER (Association of Projects for Animals) Funda Bonomo, Vice President of HİPDER İksir Altıok, President of HAYKONFED (Federation for Animals’ Right to Life) Aegean Federation for Animal Rights Funda Ersoy, Director of Bornova Municipality Veterinary Banu Barut, and Kamuran Ereğli, Founder of Intercollegiate Community for Protecting Animals.


Pınar Tartan, student at Yaşar University’s Law Faculty and the runner-up to 2017 Miss Turkey Beauty Pageant, took to the stage along with Mert Yandımata, Ege Keskin, Berkay Şayık, Halil Yıldırım, Elif Çerçi, İrem Güneş, Timuçin Filiz, Tuba Turan and Fulya Sarıgül -all Yaşar University students- on the occasion of the event that was held on the campus.   

During the awareness raising event, to draw attention to the animals that are being killed and hunted for fur, students put on outfits and make-up representing these animals.

“Unfortunately, violence against animals is getting increasingly prevalent in today’s world. That’s why we took to the stage by putting on clothes with blood drops on, and with black eyes. Violence against animals is no different than violence against human as both forms of violence are infringement of rights, which of course require legal regulations to prevent such violations,” said Yaşar University student Pınar Tartan.