A UN-like university
7 October 2016Share

A UN-like university

Students from all corners of the world including Asia, Europe, Africa and America study at Yaşar University, which has been firmly proceeding towards its objective of becoming an international city university. The student profile of the university proves a UN-like profile together with its 320 international undergraduate and postgraduate students from 50 countries.

The international students who came to İzmir from various countries to study at Yaşar University have literally become integrated with İzmir. Some of these students preferred Turkey to study upon getting their friends’ advice while some others just left behind over 5 thousand 700 universities in the US, and these students have integrated themselves with the city and become one of us.

The international students who have come from 50 countries including the US, China, Ecuador and Malaysia express that they are quite happy to be living in İzmir.


Yaşar University has hosted almost one thousand Erasmus exchange students up to now since 2005 when it became a part of the student exchange program Erasmus, which is intended to boost the cooperation between higher education institutions. The exchange program allows students from various European universities to study at a different university for one semester or one academic year.


Humberto Barreto and Maria Correa from the South American countries Ecuador and Venezuela, who preferred Yaşar University, talked about why they preferred İzmir and Turkey.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering student Humberto Barreto from Venezuela said, “My father is an engineer and works at the Petkim STAR Refinery’s construction in Aliağa, İzmir. I have also been living with my family in İzmir. I had numerous options including the universities in my home country. I wanted to stay here as I like İzmir and Turkey a lot. The English-medium education, educational opportunities and different foreign language courses provided at Yaşar University were all influential on my decision to prefer this university. The people in İzmir are really helpful and genial. I have not experienced any difficulty even though I do not speak Turkish. Everyone is helpful towards me.”


Studying graphic arts in Ecuador and then preferring Yaşar University for her master studies, Maria Correa expressed, “I wanted a different place. I could have stayed in my country or studied in the US or Europe. However, I wanted a different place and Turkey was the most appealing option for me among all the other options. Turkey is close to both the east and the west, it is home to many civilizations and cultures. That’s why I preferred Turkey. While doing some research, I found out that, at Yaşar University, the medium of instruction is English for all the courses in my field and thus preferred this university. It’s been only a while since I arrived here; however, what I like about the city most is its helpful people.
İzmir is a rather ideal city both to study and live in. I also love its cuisine a lot, and my favorites are breakfast and baklava.”

“Our university is home to students from all around the world who have come to complete their undergradute and postgraduate degrees. You can see lots of young students of different nationalities together on campus. We have Erasmus agreements with 212 universities based in 26 different European universities. Alongside our Erasmus exchange agreements, we also have other exchange agreements with over 300 universities based in 51 different countries including China, Australia and Canada. Our university is home to 301 international students,” said Levent Gaşgil, Director of the International Office at Yaşar University.