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  Assoc. Prof. Dilek Kaya, Lecturer at Yaşar University Faculty of Communication, bought letters dating back to the early 1970s for 5 Turkish liras at a junk market in 2016.   Finding out that the letters belonged to Kazım Küçükalp,

Unboxing videos are viewed by over hundreds of millions of people. So why do people share videos of themselves unwrapping boxes? What lies behind this craze?  Lecturer (PhD.) Göker Gülay commented on the rapidly-spreading craze for product-reviewing and unboxing videos.

   Conducted by Yaşar’s scholar Assist. Prof. Özlem Ozan, the ‘Learning Turkish’ project was honored with an award by Elginkan Foundation.  The 12th Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards were presented to the winners by the Elginkan Foundation.    Assist. Prof.

The short movie shot by students from Yaşar University’s Department of Radio, Television and Cinema to tell the story of a radio broadcaster with his neighbor, “The Loop”, was awarded the best short film prize at the TRT (Turkish Radio

 Göker Gülay, Faculty Member at Yaşar University’s Faculty of Communication, stated that excessive use of internet has resulted in deep changes on shopping habits, and that most people has now started to consult social media while shopping. According to Gülay,

Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.

That saying commonly associated with the evil eye is now in digital platforms.  Social media users in Turkey have used hashtags almost two million times in the last few months to keep away the e-evil eye. According to the research

Yaren Cirit, student at Yaşar University who now has a cross-border reputation, is representing our country in Sweden’s Property Women’s Team in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) game which is played by millions all around the world.   The

  Yaşar Üniversitesi 4’üncü sınıf öğrencisi Taylan Nalbant, Aydın Doğan Vakfı’nın nitelikli medya çalışanı ve yönetici yetişmesine katkı sağlamak amacıyla iletişim fakültesi öğrencilerine yönelik düzenlediği Genç İletişimciler Yarışması’nda derece almayı başardı. Taylan Nalbant, bu yıl 27’incisi düzenlenen yarışmada ‘İnternet Reklamı’