The young legal expert tells her success story

A young legal expert, Sinem Oğiş earned her master’s degree in England and doctoral degree in Germany, and was offered postdoctoral research in Japan where she compared Turkish and Japanese legal systems. Oğiş also gained Turkey an international marine institution.

Having graduated from Yaşar University’s Law Faculty as a high scoring student, Oğiş completed her master’s degree at the University of Southampton in England as a grantee of the European Union Jean Monnet Scholarship and her doctoral degree at the University of Augsburg in Germany.

To maintain her bond with her country and gather individuals engaged in maritime sector, Oğiş brought a network of the international YoungShip organization and has just conducted post-doctoral researches at Gakushuin University in Japan during the recent months.

Noting that she will soon quit her academic career at the University of Augsburg and continue her studies in Turkey, Sinem Oğiş said, “Academia is where I love and have been putting all my efforts for so long. I have seen various different systems including the ones in England, Germany, Dubai and Japan and fused all of them to develop my own version of the optimally suitable and unique system. That’s why I believe the academia will always be a part of my life. I enjoy conducting researches about new subjects. Being in contact with students is another source of happiness. I am also continuing my career within the law firm that my family founded. During the past few years, our law offices have been opened in London and Rome to extend its operation field. Our works are also in full swing within the YoungShip Organization of Young Mariners. I wanted to introduce this organization to Turkey as well as the number of the young individuals that have the academic background and know-how in maritime sector in Turkey has been increasing over the recent years. The organization is intended to make sure that its members keep themselves up to speed with the marine law and the field of marine, become members of international platforms and get professional support.”