Students’ success in sports awarded
23 May 2018 Share

Students’ success in sports awarded

Student athletes of Yaşar University were awarded for their international and national success and championships in various branches of sports, which they have brought to İzmir proudly. Represented by a number of 137 athletes including 38 female and 99 male athletes -most of whom are athletes in national teams- in 12 different branches, Yaşar University organized an award ceremony for its athletes who won 22 medals and trophies in 9 branches.

During the award ceremony held at the Main Conference Hall on the Selçuk Yaşar Campus, athletes and trainers of different branches including basketball, volleyball, swimming, American football, triathlon, chess, windsurfing, tennis, archery, handball and sailing were presented their awards.

Ahmet Yiğitbaşı, President of the Board of Trustees, congratulated the athletes, and emphasized that there exists a culture of sports and arts. Yaşar University Rector Prof. Cemali Dinçer also noted, “All these achievements are a success both for our city and for our country.”


In University Sports League, the women’s volleyball team has won three championships and was ranked second once in the last five years while the men’s basketball team has won three championships and was ranked third once. Yaşar University athletes have also been successful as individual athletes and as teams in other sports branches that include swimming, athletics, triathlon, sailing, archery and windsurfing.  Yaşar University American Football Team has been ranked second in this year’s 1st League, and qualified for Super League. There are also many other championships won by the university’s over 20 athletes as individual or national team athletes. Among these athletes are also university athletes who broke world records.