Nutritious foods for your health
6 July 2018 Share

Nutritious foods for your health

A healthy diet is critically important for those who want to start a healthy lifestyle.  To touch upon what positive impact superfoods -today’s trending food types that help individuals get a healthy start in their diet- have on our health, Head of the Department of Food Processing at Yaşar University’s Vocational School Ruhan Aşkın Uzel gave information about the accessible types of superfood sold at supermarkets and outdoor markets. “Some superfoods regulate immune system while some others work as sleep regulators, or boost memory. They can also be vitamin or mineral supplies for the body,” said Uzel. 


 Yaşar University’s scholar Ruhan Aşkın Uzel shared the following information regarding superfoods including cocoa that contains significant amount of antioxidant, as well as the natural microbe-inhibitor cinnamon, heart-healthy walnut, and sweet potato that maintains blood sugar:

Cocoa: Contains lots of antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants in it is way higher than in green tea and red wine.

Blueberries: Regulate blood sugar, contain plenty of antioxidants, cleanse urinary tract, help treat such disorders as loss of vision, repair heart, strengthen brain functions, regulate digestive system.

Cinnamon: It is a natural germicide, and helps lower blood sugar, improves memory, and is effective in reducing cholesterol level since it regulates metabolism in processing fat and sugar.

Walnut: Omega 3 fatty acids in it help protect cardiac health. It treats cardiovascular diseases and helps regulate digestive system thanks to the abundant content of fiber in it.

Blackberries: It is quite rich in Vitamin C, and lowers high blood pressure if consumed regularly, relaxes and strengthens the body.

Quinoa: Gluten-free quinoa has a higher nutritional value. It is a source of whole protein that supplies the body with the amino acids that it needs. It helps control weight, regulates digestive system. Its high magnesium content helps relieve severe headache as it dilates blood vessels.

Avocado: Rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as in fiber that regulates digestive system. It keeps cholesterol levels balanced and protects eye health.

Mulberry: It can be used to treat hair loss, contains abundant amount of antioxidants. So it can also be used to treat many different diseases and in skin care products.

Salmon: Boosts memory and improves brain function. It is commonly preferred because of its low calorie content. It regulates blood pressure, lowers risks of heart diseases, and boosts immune system. It is also preferred against mental disorders such as manic depression or depression.

Pomegranate: It relieves fatigue, keeps cholesterol and glucose levels balanced, inhibits proliferation of cancer cells, and helps protect cardiac health.

Sweet potatoes: Regulates blood sugar, lowers risk of liver, skin and prosthetic cancer. It is rich in fiber and magnesium, making it beneficial for digestive system. It is extremely useful against eye and liver diseases.

Almond: Supports brain growth, regulates cholesterol level if consumed regularly. Its phosphoric content prevents age-related disorders such as ‘osteoporosis’. It also strengthens teeth and bones.

Cranberry: It can be used against urinary tract infections. It lowers risks of heart diseases, and prevents tooth decay and respiratory infections.

Collards: Rich in Vitamin C, reduces the amount of free radicals that cause premature aging, reduces or prevents degeneration in cells, prevents or slows down growth of tumors as its anti-cancer content triggers enzyme activity.

Carob: Cleanses lungs, lowers cancer risk thanks to its antioxidant content. It is antiallergic and antibacterial. It can be used against upper respiratory infections, and assists stomach and digestive system as it is a high-fiber food.