The World’s Dutch giants find the very partners they have been seeking in İzmir
30 November 2016Share

The World’s Dutch giants find the very partners they have been seeking in İzmir

 Yaşar University to collaborate with the world’s giants in the Netherlands.

 The big technopark undertaking by Yaşar University.

 Founded by Selçuk Yaşar, Honorary President of Turkey’s leading holding in paint, food and tourism sectors Yaşar Holding, in 2001 in İzmir, Yaşar University was offered a partnership in a technopark campus by the world-class brand of Holland PHILIPS. The Eindhoven-based giant high-tech campus, which was founded by PHILIPS to promote research and which started accepting other firms in 2003, now accommodates 140 firms under its roof together with their 10 thousand employees in total.

The board whose members included Ahmet Yiğitbaşı, President of the Board of Trustees; Prof. Dr. Cemali Dinçer, Yaşar University Rector, and Dr. Emrah Tomur, Director of Information and Technology Transfer Office, was provided with information by the Business Development Director Cees Admiraal at Holland’s only private technopark.

 Under the chairmanship of Ahmet Yiğitbaşı, the board from Yaşar University subsequently paid a visit to Wageningen UR, the world’s leading Dutch foundation in the domain of agriculture and food technologies.

 Yaşar University’s board was briefed by Martin Scholten, Animal Sciences General Director; Jose Vogelezang, Plant Sciences Group Manager of New Business Development, and other officials at the premises of Wageningen UR.

  Noting that they had been looking for a partner from Turkey for a long time, Martin Scholten, one of the Directors at Wageningen UR, emphasized the significance of Yaşar University and Yaşar Holding. “We were seeking a reliable partner from Turkey both as a university and a company. Yaşar University has been the most fitting partner to cooperate with us. We are determined to maintain our bilateral collaboration and strengthen it,” said Scholten underlining that they have a firm determination to keep collaborating with Yaşar University.

 What’s to be done?

 Ahmet Yiğitbaşı, President of the Board of Trustees of Yaşar University, expressed that they were really happy to see the interest shown towards their institutions by the Dutch, highlighting the significance of their visit.

 Noting that they will pursue the objective of being a city university in accordance with the principles set in the strategic plan for 2015-2020, Ahmet Yiğitbaşı also expressed, “Yaşar University will be able to benefit from the laboratories at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven founded by Philips. Additionally, we are planning to conduct activities in agriculture and food sectors at Wageningen UR.  As for the technopark to be founded in İzmir, we will continue to collaborate with the Dutch institutions which are among the world’s best. We are convinced that the mission of universities is about contributing to society as much as it is about producing science.”

   Prof. Dr. M. Cemali Dinçer pointed out that Yaşar University is the prospering value in Turkey with its 9 faculties, 2 schools and 2 vocational schools while also noting the placement rate was 100% according to the 2016 data made available by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center in Turkey (ÖSYM). The Faculties of Science and Letter; Economics and Administrative Sciences; Communication; Humanities and Social Sciences; Art and Design; Business Administration; Law; Engineering and Architecture plus the School of Applied Sciences and School of Foreign Languages, Vocational School and Vocational School of Justice all continue to administer education for 9.507 students in a modern environment, according to Prof. Dr. M. Cemali Dinçer who also highlighted that the bilateral collaboration with reputable international institutions will continue at an increasing pace.

  Dr. Emrah Tomur, Director of the Information and Technology Transfer Office, shared their observations regarding the concept of university-industry collaboration at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Wageningen UR, affirming such collaboration is executed quite successfully there. Emrah Tomur expressed that they aim at carrying out activities which will have significantly positive effects on İzmir.

  The world’s giants in figures…

 High Tech Campus Eindhoven:

 Employees come from 85 different countries. The current number of companies which are still carrying out R&D and innovation operations is 140. The patent applications made here make up 40% of the overall applications made in a year in the Netherlands. The number of employees is 10 thousand. HTC Eindhoven founded by Philips started to accept other companies in 2003.

 Wageningen UR:

 The foundation is internationally known for the unique education and R&D operations offered here in the field of agriculture and food technologies as well as its know-how relating to the field. The current number of companies which are still operating under its roof is 200. The number of employees is 7 thousand. The foundation is a long-established and reputable one which, up to this date, has achieved to in drawing over 58 million Euros of investment in the food sector.

 Photo 1 : ( From left ro right ) ( Eindhoven )

 Prof. Dr. M. Cemali DİNÇER, Ahmet YİĞİTBAŞI, Cees ADMİRAAL, Zeynep SARILAR, Dr. Emrah TOMUR.

 Photo 2 : ( From left to right ) ( Wageningen )

 Dr. Emrah TOMUR, Ahmet YİĞİTBAŞI, Martin SCHOLTEN, Prof. Dr. M. Cemali DİNÇER, Zeynep SARILAR.