Don’t let the dishes of Urla go extinct
14 August 2017Share

Don’t let the dishes of Urla go extinct

Academics from Yaşar University’ Vocational School Food Processing Department  studied the local dishes of Urla that include artichoke, ‘çalkalama’ cooked with the local green vegetables, food cooked in earthenware pot -as called in Turkish ‘güveç’-, a pastry called ‘katmer’, and spinach fish. Following a 6-months study during which they met with the local community to get information about the local dishes, and to find out whether the local people knew their own culinary culture and their diet,  the research team revealed interesting results. Research results indicate that almost 85% of the local community cook local dishes with olive oil, and that the old population in the area is worried that this culture won’t survive that long.

     Asst. Prof. Ruhan Aşkın Uzel, Head of the Department of Food Processing at Yaşar University’s Vocational School, and Asst. Prof. Seda Genç, Academic from the Department of Food Processing teamed up with the Aegean Association for Sustainable Environment and Development in an attempt to conduct a scientific study on how the Urla dishes are known by the local community, their health effects and the local diet. Granted a fund worth 16 thousand Turkish liras as part of Yaşar University’s Research Development and Implementation Center’s Scientific Research Project (SRP), the project was also supported by the Urla Municipality and the Urla District Governorate.

   Asst. Prof. Ruhan Aşkın Uzel expressed that, “Our goal was to reveal more detailed information about Urla’s local cuisine, as well as to prevent these local dishes from going extinct and to ensure their survival for future generations as well. As you know, the first three things that come to our minds are ‘air, sea and artichoke’ when we are told something about Urla.

 Asst. Prof. Seda Genç also said that,”The villagers complained mostly about the young as they are no long conscious of the values attached to the local cuisine. The local community need to pass down their Mediterranean diet that encompasses a specific type of oil and various herbs to future generations. So, we have to support this process.” 


From left to right)  Seda Genç – Ruhan Aşkın Uzel