Introducing Turkish cuisine to world
23 May 2018 Share

Introducing Turkish cuisine to world

Moving to the US upon her marriage and starting to cook Turkish dishes with the longing she felt for her home country, Özlem Warren -originally from Turkey’s Antakya province- has got to an utterly different point professionally.

The tasty Turkish dishes that Warren cooked while she was a volunteer at the Central Market Cooking school located in Texas even attracted the world-famous chef Jamie Oliver’s attention. After years of relentless efforts, Warren wrote a cooking book, ‘Ozlem’s Turkish Table’. To tell the story of her book and how it was first published in England and then offered for sale worldwide to the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts students of Yaşar University, Chef Warren said, “This is not only a cooking book, it is also a love letter for my home. The book also encompasses our traditions, customs, as well as our hospitality and generosity along with the recipes.”   

Currently living in London, Chef Warren met with students from Yaşar University’s Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts to share her experiences. Having specialized in marketing long ago and working in the field for years, Warren told the story of how Ozlem’s Turkish Table -published with the sponsorship of Pınar brand- emerged and what Turkish cuisine represents abroad.


“Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets are currently manifesting a rising trend worldwide. In Turkish cuisine, we have also recipes that fit well with this recently-rising trend. Mayonnaise and ketchup have been falling into disfavor especially in Europe, and people have started to use natural sauces and spices instead. Our cuisine has a vast variety of sauces and spices. Still, we should go beyond kebab and introduce our seasonal tastes including vegetable dishes, mezes and olive-oil-based dishes. People should be introduced Turkish cuisine and informed that it is rich and healthy. We should be proud of our thousands-year-old cuisine and protect it,” said Warren who also mentioned the opportunities awaiting Turkish cuisine worldwide.