Trees being planted instead of certificates of appreciation
5 January 2018 Share

Trees being planted instead of certificates of appreciation

Previously presenting plaque or certificate of appreciation to its guest speakers, Yaşar University has started to plant memorial trees on behalves of its guests.

Trees are being planted in Yaşar University’s Memorial Forest that was created in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Forestry.

Instead of the plaques and certificates of appreciation that used to be presented to the guest speakers invited to the organizations held by Yaşar University, the University is now thanking its guests with the authentic leaves of the trees planted on their behalves, instead of leaves of paper.


A fully-mature tree intakes 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide an hour on average, and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen through photosynthesis. Thanks to the new practice that started just a few months ago, one hundred and five trees have been planted in the Saruhanlı Afforestation Site located in Manisa. Those who were presented a symbolic leaf and who have their memorial trees planted can access their e-certificates on “”.