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 The first step has been taken for Aegean Civilizations Museum, a project that has been considered for İzmir for years.

  Prof. İge Pırnar, Head of the Department of Business Administration at Yaşar University, said, “It is good news that a project that we have always referred to as an important and necessary one will finally be underway to create an ‘Aegean Civilizations Museum’.” 

  The annual number of visitors that one single big museum abroad receives is six to seven times higher than the total number of tourists visiting İzmir, says Prof. Pırnar, and adds: “The Aegean Civilizations Museum will exhibit the inherent history and culture of the Aegean region, in a fashion integrating the unique ancient city of Ephesus together with Anatolian civilizations, and thereby contributing to İzmir’s urban branding and increasing the dwindling number of tourists visiting the city.”

“Aegean Civilizations Museum” was one of the names suggested for the project in the research we did, says Prof. Pırnar. To comment on the choice of project site, which is the previous 15-to-20-thousand-square-meter campus area in Alsancak that is used as a Cigarette Factory,   Prof. Pırnar said, “The project site is quite suitable. Louvre Museum in Paris, to give an example, has been at the top of the list of world’s most visited museums for years, as it is located in the city center at an easily accessible spot. The project site will be accessible by tram, and it is located next to Alsancak Train Station and the İZBAN station there at a spot near many culturally, artistically and historically important museums and galleries that include Humor and Cartoon Museum, Mask Museum, Yaşar Museum of Painting and Art Gallery, Turkish Railway Museum and Art Gallery, İzmir Museum of Women, and Museum of Atatürk’s House. This proves that the project site has been a quite right choice.”


Noting that a campus structure is a suitable choice for the museum, İge Pırnar said, “The project site will be constituted as a theme park that incorporates ecological green areas. It will attract both tourists and İzmir’s people as the campus area will function as a 24-hour-open education and culture center. It should also have a hall where movie screenings, stage performances and concerts, as well as interviews can be held. Different food stores, a huge storage area, a park for children, a library, souvenir shops should also be integrated into the project.”


  “It is also important to exhibit different cultural objects that are still alive in various parts of the world, in addition to the artifacts kept in the storage, the ones already on exhibition or others that have yet to be excavated.  One of the world’s leading museums and visited by roughly 2 million people annually, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum – exhibiting such special collections, and beyond administering education programs, breaking sales record by selling various objects including fabric – as well as similar museums with worldwide reputation set an example for our works that we will undertake for the Aegean Civilizations Museum,” said Prof. Pırnar to make suggestions, and added that Ethnography Museum and Archaeological Museum of İzmir will be relocated to the complex, and over 200 thousand artefacts that are thought to be kept in the storage will also be exhibited once the project is completed.

The old Cigarette Factory in Alsancak is presumed to have been built in the year 1884 or 1886. The project will be completed by February 4, 2019 as set out in the Contract for Aegean Civilizations Museum Project Construction by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and İzmir Directorate of Reliefs and Monuments.