A new trend in videos: Unboxing
2 February 2018 Share

A new trend in videos: Unboxing

Unboxing videos are viewed by over hundreds of millions of people. So why do people share videos of themselves unwrapping boxes? What lies behind this craze?  Lecturer (PhD.) Göker Gülay commented on the rapidly-spreading craze for product-reviewing and unboxing videos.

 Noting that hundreds of millions of people, particularly children, are going crazy for watching such unboxing videos on YouTube, Gülay – a lecturer at Yaşar University’s Department of Public Relations and Advertising, said, “The number of unboxing videos has recently reached 72 millions. Nearly eighty thousand of these videos are in Turkish.”

 “The main intention of such posts is to unbox any kind of product -anything you may think of like shoes, mobile phones, and etc. – as they are sold on shelves without any intervention, and thereby introducing and promoting those specific products. Consumer researches show that this trend of unboxing reminds people of the excitement that they felt while unwrapping a gift as children. These videos rack up more views as they allow consumers to experience a product’s most original version.”


Highlighting that a pack’s content is one of the most important factors affecting people’s decisions before buying a specific product, Gülay also said, “To buy a smart phone, for example, the quality of the headset or the accessories accompanying that smart phone matters. We get such information before making a choice among the alternative products that we may potentially buy, and decide accordingly. Unboxing videos have attracted attention of consumers as they inform them beforehand. There are even some extraordinary examples of these videos that include unboxing on a flying jet, underwater unboxing, and pets unwrapping a box. There are millions of similar posts on other social media platforms as well.”



 Having done his doctoral studies on the effects of social media on internet users’ shopping decisions by conducting a survey with 262 individuals between the ages of 18-60 based on consumer electronics, Gülay stated that the results from his study prove that internet has a major influence on our online shopping habits. According to Gülay, these results match with the high number of views that product-reviewing videos get on social media.