Emojis replace words
5 December 2016Share

Emojis replace words

Emojis have become the new lingua franca of the new digital age all over the world, so they get more and more important each day. The laughing face with tears of joy is the world’s most used emoji while the heart emoji is the most used one in Turkey.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ebru Gökaliler, Academic Member of the Faculty of Communication at Yaşar University, revealed astonishing results from the survey which she conducted with 412 participants.


There are even webpages created to keep the record of the most used emojis. According to the Emojitracker, which tracks Twitter in realtime and keeps record of each emoji use, the heart icon is the one most used in Turkey while the laughing face with tears of joy is the most used one all over the world.


With the survey conducted with the participation of 412 individuals between the ages 13-59, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ebru Gökaliler, academic from the Department of Public Relations and Advertising within Yaşar University’s Faculty of Communication, and PhD candidate Ezgi Satcioğlu intended to get an insight into consumer approaches towards emoji use, emoji use in ads as well as ads which use emojis. 48.2% of the participants stated they always use emojis while 24.1% of them indicated that they often use emojis and 99.5% had used emojis for texting at any time in the past. 86.4% of the participants expressed that they find emojis amusing while 73.8% of them indicated that they better understand the feelings of the person texting them with emojis. 73.4% of the participants pointed out that the emojis are now “used to express feelings.”


As for the approaches regarding commercials, the survey revealed that consumers find the use of emojis in ads ‘amusing’. 64.4% of the participants indicated that they find the commercials which use emojis amusing. “The lowest rate from the survey was the purchasing rates of the products seen in the commercials with emojis. In this context, the survey revealed that advertising products with emojis does not have a positive influence on manipulating consumers to buy those products, ” said Assist. Prof. Dr. Ebru Gökaliler.