Goodwill for every day
9 February 2018 Share

Goodwill for every day

 Motivated by the “Campus, where there is goodwill” slogan, Yaşar University’s volunteer team is working to raise awareness of doing good across the city all year round.

As part of the numerous social responsibility projects that it has organized so far, Yaşar University’s volunteer team is gathering 103 associations and municipalities for doing favors to help people in need. Aid materials collected on the campus are being delivered to people in need in collaboration with various associations.

To be able to graduate, all students at Yaşar University are required to pass the social responsibility course, which is symbolically equal to a 1-credit course. Students learn about “social responsibility” and “social entrepreneurship” during these courses. After passing the course, students develop project ideas for social responsibility, and put them into practice individually or collectively. 980 students passed the social responsibility course last semester, and each of these students did a minimum of 8-hour practice, making the total hour of volunteer works done 7.840 hours. The number of the institutions contacted during the same semester was 52, which included non-governmental organizations, associations, local authorities, hospitals, nursing homes, student communities and schools. On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, the “İzmir, where there is goodwill” organization took place in collaboration with 103 institutions, and the event was attended by over three thousand volunteers. Administrative and academic staff of the university also support students with their own volunteer team that they gathered based on the “Campus, where there is goodwill” slogan.


To give examples of the works carried out, Çimenli said, “We took part in a project called ‘Game is my remedy’ run by KAÇUV. As part of this project, we visited children being treated at four different hospitals on a weekly basis; and during these visits, we gave them the presents that we have prepared for them. With another project attended by 258 students from our university, our Social Responsibility Club also donated six thousand books for the use of students located in various provinces of Turkey, in an attempt to encourage them to read more books. Finally, in collaboration with İzmir Association of Houses for Sick Children, we tried our best to provide the association with the basic supplies they need. We are also conducting voluntary works together with LÖSEV. Our works include providing blankets and food for the homeless, cleaning beaches, providing food and building shelter for stray animals.”