Turkish-French Collaboration in Education
21 February 2018 Share

Turkish-French Collaboration in Education

This agreement will grant two separate diplomas

A project is being put into practice jointly by Yaşar University and ECAM Lyon International Engineering University in France to grant double diplomas for students of electrical and electronics engineering.

A 4-year education program will be administered both in English and in French following the approval of Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) for student admissions. The first two years of the program will be administered by Yaşar University, and the subsequent two years by the Lyon ECAM. Following their graduation, students will be awarded two separate diplomas that are internationally recognized. There is also another option for students that are willing to study one more year at ECAM. These students will qualify for “ECAM Engineering Diploma” after studying one more year at ECAM.

Upon the approval of the Turkish Council of Higher Education for the double-diploma project to start student admissions, officials of the two schools as well as managers from İzmir’s ‘Bizim Okul’ Education Health and Culture Foundation gathered at Yaşar University’s Selçuk Yaşar Campus to discuss the program details. The meeting was attended by Yaşar University Rector Prof. Cemali Dinçer, ECAM Lyon Engineering University’s General Manager Didier Desplanche, President of the İzmir ‘Bizim Okul’ Education Health and Culture Foundation Lucien Arkas, Yaşar University Vice Rectors Prof. M. Arslan Örnek and Prof. Levent Kandiller, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Erol Sezer, ECAM Strategic Projects Manager Caroline Hanras, Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Seçmen and Manager of the Foundation Tuğba İdikut Oysal.


  “We are pleased to be putting this joint double diploma program into practice. ECAM Lyon is a highly sophisticated engineering school dating back to one hundred and eighteen years ago. We have set out on this journey within the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the Engineering Faculty, and we are planning to extend such programs in other departments as well.  This will be the first undergraduate program to be administered both in English and in French. Graduates of this program will have a chance in their careers to work their way up in the international arena. Two separate cultures of engineering conjoin within this program. It is a double-diploma program that offers high-level engineering career in Turkey, France, the European Union, and all around the world. We are convinced that this academic collaboration will further improve together with a scholar exchange program, extending the program beyond an only-student exchange program. We will have visiting scholars from Lyon, and also send our own scholars as visiting scholars there,” said Yaşar University Rector Prof. Cemali Dinçer.


To express his gratification, Lucien Arkas, President of the İzmir ‘Bizim Okul’ Education Health and Culture Foundation, said, “It is gratifying that we have agreed to act in collaboration as Yaşar University, ECAM and the İzmir ‘Bizim Okul’ Education Health and Culture Foundation. I always place my trust in any collaboration work to be done by İzmir-based authorities. Here, we have had a friendly talk. This double-diploma program is quite useful for our students in that it offers various opportunities for their future. We should allow students to expose themselves to cultural diversity, to the globalizing world, and the outside world. Today’s world is big; therefore, they should be able to overcome challenges in the outside world, and integrate themselves to that world. They will study the first two years here in İzmir. After familiarizing themselves with the field, they will continue their education in France. After receiving their degrees, they will have a chance to start off their professional lives in the international arena. This is of high significance for Turkey as well, as it trains qualified labor for the country.”