Do not let hackers trick you with catchy headlines
29 January 2018 Share

Do not let hackers trick you with catchy headlines

Cyber criminals use catchy headlines that refer to any recent incident to trap victims

Noting that cyber criminals use recent news to pique internet users’ curiosity, to direct them to fake websites or to make them download infected files, Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Koltuksuz from Yaşar University’s Department of Computer Engineering said, “We observe that cyber criminals are using catchy headlines about the hot topics on agenda to send or post some infected links via e-mail, or especially on social media. Those who fall into the trap of clicking such headlines with an instantaneous curiosity post the fake website and download malware on their own computer. Therefore, people should always doubt the shortened links with unknown sources and addresses.”


To warn internet users, Assoc. Prof. Koltuksuz said, “When a person clicks such e-mails or links on its work computer and opens the attachment, then the virus attacks the whole system if all corporate computers are linked to each other. This affects not only that person but also the whole company as it results in the encryption and confiscation of all the corporate data by the criminals. As it takes ages to decrypt encryption algorithms, it is not possible to take back the data without paying ransom either. Furthermore, hackers cannot be picked up by police as most of them target the internet users located in other countries and as they want ransom to be paid in digital currency such as Bitcoin.”