International award for poster design
26 April 2018 Share

International award for poster design

Umut Altıntaş, Research Assistant at Yaşar University’s Department of Graphic Design, was awarded by the US’ prestigious magazine in graphic design, Graphis. The poster that Altıntaş designed for the International İzmir European Jazz Festival Poster Competition gained him the greatest prize “Platinum” in the category of typography use among the 420 competitors that took part in the international competition.

 For his poster design for the 24th International İzmir European Jazz Festival Poster Competition, Altıntaş was deemed worthy of the Sait Maden Special Award in Typography at the 36th Graphic Design Competition and Exhibition organized by the Professional Organization of Graphic Designers.

 In another international competition organized by the US’ Graphic Design Magazine and Yearbook Graphis for the past 50 years, Altıntaş also was awarded the biggest prize for the same design and became one of the Platinum winners among a total number of 420 competitors in the category of Typography4: Type in Use.


 His poster design for DigitIZMir_3 festival won him another success award in the Typography Category of the 36th Graphic Design Competition, and his poster design for Yaşar University Department of Graphic Design Graduation Projects Exhibition was also awarded in the Category of Poster Design. Again in the same competition last year, Yaşar’s academic Altıntaş won a success award in the category of “Book Design”. Expressing that he is proud of his success in these international competitions, to give information about Graphis, Altıntaş stated:

“Graphis first started in the US in an attempt to appraise the best works from around the world in different fields including graphic design, advertising, illustration, and photography. Since then, as a publishing house, it has been publishing such works in the form of yearbook.”