Great honor of Yaşar’s academics
28 July 2017Share

Great honor of Yaşar’s academics

As part of the science activities held on the occasion of the Constitutional Court’s 55th anniversary, the Constitutional Court published a book entitled “55 Years 55 Articles” with the intention of reflecting upon the academic knowledge in the fields of “Constitutional law, Constitutional jurisdiction, and human rights law.”     Among the articles picked to be published in the book include the ones written by Prof. Timur Demirbaş from Yaşar University’s Law Faculty, and by Assoc. Prof. Burcu Dönmez, Director of the Vocational School of Justice. 

    The article written by Prof. Timur Demirbaş about “Personal Security” when he was an assistant at İstanbul University in 1977, and Assoc. Prof. Burcu Dönmez’s article “Enjoying the Right to Examine Anonymous Witnesses in the Light of the Decisions of ECHR and Constitutional Court”, which she wrote in 2016, were among the articles published in the book.

Demirbaş expressed that he is proud to see the article he wrote during his years of assistantship published in the same book together with the works of the estimable academics from the field of Constitutional Law.

  Assoc. Prof. Burcu Dönmez also stated, “I am convinced that this highly-valuable book compiling the works of estimable scientists will contribute to the practices in the field, especially if we are to consider how the Constitutional Law evolved throughout the history.”