Great honor for ‘Learning Turkish’
9 January 2018 Share

Great honor for ‘Learning Turkish’

   Conducted by Yaşar’s scholar Assist. Prof. Özlem Ozan, the ‘Learning Turkish’ project was honored with an award by Elginkan Foundation.

 The 12th Turkish Culture Research and Technology Awards were presented to the winners by the Elginkan Foundation.    Assist. Prof. Özlem Ozan, academic at Yaşar University’s Faculty of Communication, and her team became one of the three award-winning candidates in the category of Turkish Culture Research with her TÜBİTAK-supported project “Learning Turkish”, a distance Turkish-language-teaching program for foreigners.


Supported as part of TÜBİTAK 3501 Career Development Program (CAREER), the “differentiated distance teaching of Turkish as a foreign language – Learning Turkish” project was brought into use by Yaşar University’s Center for Open and Distance Learning nearly one year ago, and it is accessible to everyone around the world on the university’s online learning platform for free. Anyone interested in Turkish language can learn it for free on in a personalized way. The system incorporates different methods that vary depending on a learner’s mother tongue, homeland, the social culture that that person belongs to, as well as its level of familiarity with Turkish language and culture.

Executed by Assist. Prof. Özlem Ozan and supervised by Assoc. Prof. Hasan Çalışkan, the project is run by researchers that include Assist. Prof. Yasin Özarslan, Director of Yaşar University’s Center for Open and Distance Learning, Assist. Prof. Hilmi Demiral and Assist. Prof. Funda Uzdu.

Radio Producer and Presenter at Yaşar University’s Media Center, Turgut Onarır also did the voice-over for the project, and hosted it. Developed in line with the contents that are implemented by the Yunus Emre Institute and TÖMER (Center for Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Learning), the content of the project covers a Turkish language teaching program of 53 episodes, which also offers grammar notes, dictionaries, forum, and virtual meetings. Each episode is composed of a course video; a drama video that associates the subject with a real-life scenario; listening, writing, pronunciation and reading activities, and assessment sections, as well as games.  The program has also a support system for learners in English, French, Russian and Arabic.