A Turkish engineer at the giant auto company
8 August 2018 Share

A Turkish engineer at the giant auto company

A graduate of Yaşar University’s Department of Computer Engineering, Ferhat Karaağaç accomplished to be a member of Mercedes’ – one of the world’s giant car maker- team of successful engineers. The young engineer is working at Daimler AG in Stuttgart, Germany, a center where systems and new technologies needed by the Mercedes Benz sales centers all around the world are produced.

 Having earned his degree in computer engineering from Yaşar University’s Faculty of Engineering in 2008, Ferhat Karaağaç told his success story that starts in İzmir and ends up in Germany.

 To tell his success story, Karaağaç said, “Though I was born and raised in Aksaray – a little central-Anatolian city, I have always lived to expand my dreams and the things that I can accomplish in my life. I knew that computer engineering was a promising profession for the future. So, I chose computer engineering and met Yaşar University and the city İzmir. There were great advantages for us as the first students of the department. The scholars at the department tended to us one-on-one, which increased our awareness of engineering day by day. I studied my senior year as an Erasmus student at Xios University in Belgium, thanks to the study-abroad opportunities offered by my university. This experience helped me gain a universal perspective. After graduating in 2008, I did my military service, taking advantage of the global crisis that hit the world to a great extent. In  2010, I started to work at Mercedes Benz Turkey as network and system administrator.”


Noting that he is currently working as IT systems analyst at Mercedes Benz Turkey Truck Factory, Karaağaç added, “I really enjoy what I do and the sector I am working in. It was my goal to learn German so I can be better at my job, and I have improved my German language skills and accomplished a good level of German just by myself. Since January 2018, I have been working at this center where systems and new technologies needed by the Mercedes Benz sales centers all around the world are produced. It is a different culture, and they have a different perception of working. It is really good to learn something new every day. The experiences and awareness I have gained here are promising for my future and my life.”


The young engineer who has accomplished a career full of success gave advices to prospective students and those who are currently studying. “People should keep improving themselves and learning. To be able to survive the competitive work life both nationally and internationally, they should be conscious and work hard to become a man of the world, all of which will be inevitably followed by success and career,” said Karaağaç.