Young engineers’ contribution for industry
26 June 2017Share

Young engineers’ contribution for industry


Students from Yaşar University’s Department of Industrial Engineering excelled at the “Inter-University Exhibition and Competition of Graduation Projects” which was organized by the İzmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. Prepared by students for use of companies within the scope of university-industry collaboration, the graduation projects won Yaşar’s students the prizes of top three places of the competition, where they excelled among other competing students from industrial engineering departments of İzmir and Manisa-based universities.


Executed in collaboration with Philsa Sabancı, and advised by Assoc. Prof. Deniz Türsel and Asst. Prof. Gizem Mullaoğlu, one of the projects was deemed worthy of first place. In this project, which was developed by students Emre Bulut, Cansın Bayar, Elif Dolmen, Oytun Cevre and Elay Gülleroğlu, a design for a decision support system was introduced. This design will allow the firm to minimize the storage duration of products produced at its facilities in Torbalı, İzmir, and to maximize the production capacities of machines. The time and cost saving project –consequently- will help the firm produce fast and efficiently.

Another project, which was advised by Assist. Prof. Efthimia Staiou and executed with Arkas BİMAR company, was deemed worthy of second place.  As part of this project developed by students Ezgi Acar, Atacan Peker, Efe Kenan Keskiner, Hazel Puza and Zeynep Gürmen, solutions have been developed for Arkas BİMAR to facilitate optimum distribution of ships, to adjust ships’ speed dynamically, and thereby to minimize total amount of transport costs.

 Another third project executed in collaboration with Whirlpool – Indesit refrigerator factory, and advised by Prof. Levent Kandiller won third place in the competition. Developed by students Ceren Güngör, Cansın Kayserili, Ali Galip Matlar, Ela Mutlum and Can Şensu, the third project is intended to re-analyze and redesign the new production lines installed at the firm’s refrigerator factory in Manisa, as well as to facilitate more balanced and fast production processes.


  “University-industry collaboration is always on the agenda.  As Yaşar University, we attach greater importance to such collaborations. Our students have a chance to familiarize themselves with their future working environment while still studying, before graduating. In return, the industry itself benefits from this collaboration that generates projects intended to elevate the levels of efficiency and saving, and to minimize costs in the industry. Therefore, the partner companies praise our projects. All these prizes awarded to our projects that we have developed in collaboration with national and international companies from the Aegean Region, as well as with the support granted by academics and company advisers indicate that we are proceeding on the right path,” said Assoc. Prof. Deniz Türsel Eliiyi, Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering, who also expressed that they take pride in winning the prizes of top three places for two consecutive years.