The great success from İzmir to the US
8 August 2017Share

The great success from İzmir to the US

 A psychology student from İzmir was admitted by the world’s second best university in the field of psychology

 Esra Şahin, who received her master’s degree from Yaşar University’s Master’s Degree Program in Psychology, was admitted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which has been in the education arena over the past 150 years. Admitted to the second best university of all the fifty-two research centers where human development and family studies are carried out in the field of psychology, Şahin is this year’s only Turkish student to study at this research center. The university is ranked second in its field by the quality education it offers, its international relations, and number of articles published.


 Setting out after asking herself “How can I be useful for people?” while studying at secondary school, Esra Şahin said, “I can say I made my own way while I was a student at the secondary school. I always questioned how I could be of use for people and society. Then, I decided that this can be achieved through psychology, and earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology followed by a master’s degree -again in psychology- at Yaşar University.”


Assisting projects in addition to her master studies at Yaşar University, Şahin said, “In addition to my master studies, I also assisted researches and projects on migration and refugees. As part of a project funded as a Scientific Research Project (SRP) by Yaşar University’s Research Development and Application Center, we did a research on how exposure to different cultures within various cultural settings caused by urbanization and migration influences individuals’ psychological attitudes, close relations, and their creativity.   I also worked as coordinator for a research carried out by Assoc. Prof. Derya Güngör, an academic member of Yaşar University’s Department of Psychology. The research was about the factors that affect Turkish people’s attitudes towards Syrian refugees. Now, I am happy to be admitted to a university with a history of 150 years, and that I will be a research assistant at one of the world’s long-established educational institutions. The researches I will carry out here will focus on the topics of family and culture.”