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 Having met when they were studying at the Department of Computer Engineering at Yaşar University and getting married after their graduation, Eray and Emel Balkanlı attained success on their career paths as well. Studying as graduate students with full-scholarship at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada where they also work as research assistants, the Balkanlı couple told how they achieved success in their careers.

Eray Balkanlı, who graduated from Yaşar University’s Department of Computer Engineering in 2012 with the second highest GPA, chose Canada’s Dalhousie University to study abroad and to attain an international career.

Noting that he works as a part-time software developer for a software company while also working as a research assistant at the university where he is a graduate student, and that he worked at Accreon, a firm that produces worldwide software and technology-assisted business solutions in healthcare, after graduating in May 2015, Eray Balkanlı also said, “I have always wanted to study abroad. I was convinced that I really wanted to get my master’s degree from a university abroad when I went to Belgium in 2011 as an ERASMUS exchange student thanks to the opportunities offered at Yaşar University. As the medium of instruction was only English during my undergraduate studies at my department at Yaşar University, I was able to understand the courses and socialize outside classes when I was in Belgium. Consequently, it took less time for me to motivate myself for the professional life in Canada. Therefore, I did my job with love.”

Balkanlı also expressed, “My wife, Emel, and I met when we were studying at Yaşar University. I also encouraged her to apply for a master’s degree in Canada after getting her degree. So, she did her application in 2015, and was admitted as she was a successful student. We got married in May 2015. We both graduated successfully. Now, both of us are working for software companies operating worldwide.


Noting that she has a double major in statistics and computer engineering that she received at Yaşar University, Emel Balkanlı also said, “I had a job interview with MasterCard during a ‘Career Days’ event organized by Yaşar University when I was an undergraduate student there, and I was accepted for the job as the interview went successfully. After working as a software developer in İstanbul for two years, I was admitted to the master’s degree program in Computer Sciences by the Dalhousie University. Now, I am working in the field of data engineering, which is one of the most popular professions in the US, and Canada.”