1 October 2018 Share


The project Sphere developed by research assistants from Yaşar University’s Faculty of Architecture İrem Akçam and Duhan Ölmez came in third in a design competition organized by England’s world-famous design and architecture magazine Dezeen in cooperation with the giant electronics firm Samsung.

Research Assistant İrem Akçam from the Department of Interior Design and Environmental Design and Research Assistant Duhan Ölmez from the Department of Architecture came in third among 1.200 projects that competed at the QLED TV Ambient Mode Design Competition organized jointly by Dezeen and Samsung.

Stating that the intention here is to make QLED TVs’ Ambient Mode useful and innovative when switched off for their users so televisions turn into a lifestyle object, Akçam and Ölmez also noted that these competitions are being organized to unearth the new designs that are planned to be used in future.


Akçam and Ölmez informed about their project saying:

“Television is being perceived as a screen that is to be watched only when its time comes. Our design Sphere, on the contrary, uses artificial intelligence and internet connection of objects, thereby functioning as a personal assistant in an individual’s life.  Sphere has 2 main components, one animation object and one information part. The system customizes the TV based on the data it retrieves concerning the user’s social media accounts, e-mail address, digital calendar, type of music, daily life and health status application. The television receives information from customized input and uses artificial intelligence to produce new offers, and uses a suggestion interface to help with the user’s life. For example, Samsung Health follows the user’s diet and manage or suggest recipes to cook. It can remind you of the appointments on your calendar when you wake up in the morning, or the rising trends on social media, and shows you the street view and navigation to the address you are going.”