Academic and athletic success together
29 July 2018 Share

Academic and athletic success together

Yiğit Gülmezoğlu, who has graduated from Yaşar University’s Department of Industrial Engineering this year, proves quite well that academic and sporting success can go together.  Also representing us as a national athlete, the achieved volleyball player of Arkas Sports Club is an impressing figure with his national and international achievements. The achieved hitter who played in the Champions League at the age of 16, Gülmezoğlu has been picked as best player various times.

A national volleyball player of Arkas Sports Club, Gülmezoğlu has been successfully managing his academic life along with his sporting life in the best possible way. After he graduated from Tevfik Fikret Primary School – the school where he started playing volleyball – ranking first among his peers at the age of eight, Gülmezoğlu also became a successful student at Science High School, which is -along with the numerous prizes he won in sports – followed by his successes at and graduation from Yaşar University’s Department of Industrial Engineering. Gülmezoğlu even qualified for playing in Champions League in his first year in men’s 1st team of Arkas Sports Club where he had played in beginners’ team until he qualified for the 1st team at the age of 16. Gülmezoğlu has been selected “best player” twice in various tournaments and “best setter” once in Turkish League, and proceeded successfully in his academic life simultaneously.

Expressing that he has always lived his life in a planned and scheduled way to make the most of it and that he owes his success to this way of living, Gülmezoğlu continued saying: “National team, travelling with Arkas team, tournaments and academic life. It is extremely challenging to manage all of them at the same time and in the best possible way. This may be the biggest factor that made me choose industrial engineering. Because, just like in my personal life, correct programming and efficiency are sine-qua-nons in my profession as well. Thanks to my university education, I have learnt to make the best plan for each stage of my life and to live it in the best possible way. My professors have also been supportive towards me.”


To point out to the challenge of managing academic life in parallel with athletic life, Gülmezoğlu said, “Some people are forced to make a choice between their professional sporting life and their academic life. Contrary to this case, I believe that – though it’s extremely challenging – one can maintain a successful life of sports and academic education simultaneously with proper planning. What is indispensable in this case, however, is family support. I have never been forced to make a choice between sports and education. My family has always supported my decisions, and been by my side so far. It is their support that has helped me excel in sports and academia.”


Speaking Turkish, English and French, Yiğit Gülmezoğlu said, “The education I have been exposed to as well as my mom have helped me speak three languages. Because the primary school and the high school I went to offered intensive French courses, in addition to English courses as our second foreign language. Since my mom is an English teacher, I have had the chance to improve my English by practicing with her at home. The medium of instruction at the university was also English. So, today, I speak three languages, and that helps me a lot in my athletic life.”