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Mehmet Öztaban, student at Yaşar University’s Department of Graphic Design, made an animated music video with illustrations by making use of sound waves despite his innate disability to hear and speak. Hearing extremely loud sounds only to some extent with hearing aid as he suffers from profound hearing loss, Öztaban decided to make a music video for his favorite song, the Doors’ People are Strange.

Mehmet Öztaban has chosen to make an animated music video for his graduation project against his speaking and hearing disability, and graduated with the third highest GPA from the Department of Graphic Design within Yaşar University Faculty of Art and Design, where he was admitted after passing the aptitude test. Expressing that he can hear only a little of extremely loud sounds in an unclear way, Öztaban said he made use of the sound waves of the song and how the song makes him feel while making the music video.


“I suffer from innate hearing loss. Hearing aid makes my life relatively easier. I never needed sign language for communication. I believe I can express myself  this way, as well. My hearing loss was diagnosed when I was two years old, and I started to receive special education in Bornova when I was three. I have always studied at ordinary schools, and had a successful education life thanks to my determination and my teachers’ efforts. Next year, I was admitted to Yaşar University’s Department of Graphic Design after passing the aptitude test thanks to my sister’s help. Initially, I was really nervous as I feared people would approach me in a strange way. Apparently, I was wrong. My friends and my teachers helped and supported me a lot, and here I am. As I have lived with my aunt and my sister throughout my study life, it didn’t affect my life that much to be away from my family,” said Mehmet Öztaban to tell the story of his study life.


  Also explaining why he chose to design an animated music video, Öztaban said, “After four successful years of studying at university, my advisor, Asst. Prof. İsmail Okay and I were in a decision-making process about what my finishing project was going to be. We talked about various projects throughout the process, and we decided to prepare an animated music video, which perhaps people thought would be difficult for me to realize. I chose my favorite song for the project. Initially, I tried to figure out the music sound as a whole by looking at where sound waves are at high or low frequencies, and planned the animation for the music video based on the frequency variations of the sound waves. Simultaneously, I designed the illustrations for the music video, and placed them into the video. And lastly, to complete my project, I synchronized these illustrations with the lyrics of the song. I believe the song and the music video reflect my work and my feelings.”