4 December 2017 Share


 Doğa Çakaloz, third year student at Yaşar University’s Department of Film Design, came in first at the 2nd Crystal Camera Short Movie Competition where 300 university students competed. This success gained Çakaloz the opportunity to submit his film to one of the world’s largest film festivals, Cannes Court Metrage Short Film Festival.

Çakaloz shot the movie ‘Neredesin’ in Bayındır, İzmir. The movie stars the famous actor Bekir Aksoy as lead actor and Seda Er, a student of Yaşar University, as lead actress. Telling the story of a waitress who starts to fall for a man visiting the café she works at every day, the movie competed against four other finalists for the great award. Among the jury members were prominent figures of Turkish cinema that included Nebahat Çehre, Cihan Ünal, Selçuk Yöntem and Mustafa Büyüksipahi.


“I preferred to shoot a movie as I thought that it is a good way to share my thoughts with other people. I really like spending time on the little and constantly-happening details in others’ lives, which most people ignore. I believe that everyone has a story, and I’ve made it my duty to show these details to people. In the short film I directed, I wanted to dwell on a specific detail that can well be a part of life and that is missed as no action is taken towards it,” said Çakaloz exulting in coming first and gaining the appreciation of the renowned jury members with his directorial debut.  The young director also noted that he wants to be a producer in the near future.