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Turkey’s pride Kaan

Kaan Turan, a 13-year-old student at the Music School of Yaşar University’s Continuing Education Center (YUCEC), honored Turkey with his achievement at the Lovere International Tadini Piano Contest held in Milan, Italy. Turan came in first in the 13-year-old category

Yaşar University qualified for TÜBİTAK 1601 Grant Program within the scope of “Call for Development, Inception and Capacity Building Grant and Implementation Program for Technology Transfer Offices.” All of the works to be undertaken by Yaşar University’s Information and Technology

Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.

 A psychology student from İzmir was admitted by the world’s second best university in the field of psychology  Esra Şahin, who received her master’s degree from Yaşar University’s Master’s Degree Program in Psychology, was admitted to the University of Illinois

Nehir Özzengin, a 12-year-old who discovered her musical talent when four and a half years old, continues to build upon her musical successes. A piano student at the Music Academy of Yaşar University’s Continuing Education Center (YUCEC), Nehir has recently

Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.

Research assistants from Yaşar University’s Faculty of Architecture Berk Ekici and Cemre Çubukçuoğlu were admitted to one of the top three architecture schools of the world, Holland’s Delft University of Technology as PhD candidates. Cemre Çubukçuoğlu will conduct a study

  Idlin Arshinova, a third-year piano student at Yaşar University’s Department of Music, came in first in the age group of 15-19 at the 2nd International Feurich Competition in Vienna, Austria. Among the seventy-four competitors from various countries including the

Ersan Durer from İzmir discovered his beloved profession thanks to his interest in planes and technological products. Durer, who is a graduate of Yaşar University’s Department of Industrial Engineering, became one of the achieved engineers of the world’s giant Zodiac